Duplicate content items

You can duplicate and reuse various types of Sitefinity’s built-in content items, as well as dynamic content items that you created. You can duplicate:

  • News
  • List items
  • Events
  • Blog posts
  • Shared content blocks

In case a content item has multilingual versions, you can choose which language version to duplicate.

To duplicate a content item:

  1. Click Content and choose the respective content you want to duplicate, for example, News.
  2. Click the Actions link of the news item that you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.
  3. In Title, enter a name for the news item that is different from the name of the original news item.
  4. Optionally, edit the other properties of the duplicated content item, for example content or the additional info.
  5. Publish or save the item as draft.

In cases when your item has specific workflow, related data or media fields, or a multilingual version, see Duplicate and reuse content within a site.

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