View a mobile format page

Once you have activated Mobile formats for a given content type, you have the following options to preview your Mobile format pages:

  • Navigate to Administration » Settings » Mobile formats and click Preview
    The link is next to the name of the content type that you want to preview. You can use this preview to validate newly added or modified templates. It displays a random item with status Live from the default provider and default culture for the current site.
  • Open content item for editing and in the toolbar, select Preview for Google AMP
    You can use this preview while modifying the item’s content. It servers both as visual feedback, as well as a Mobile format validation. It shows a preview of the current item in Temp status – you do not need to save the item before previewing it. 

In both cases, the preview page validates the markup of the page and displays the errors if any. On this page you can also find the public URL for the Mobile format page. 

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