NewsRotator widget: Set up your work environment

Because you will create the NewsRotator control in Microsoft Visual Studio, open your Sitefinity CMS application in Visual Studio.

To do this use the Sitefinity CMS Project Manager in the following way:

  1. Open the Sitefinity CMS Project Manager.
  2. Select the desired Sitefinity CMS application.
  3. Click the Edit in Visual Studio button.
  4. Save the solution, which the Sitefinity CMS project has been opened in by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+S or by selecting File » Save All from the menu.
    Choose a location and a name for the solution and click Save.

You can create the control either as a user widget or as custom widget. The following table compares both scenarios:

Criterion User widget Custom widget
Ease of creation Easier to build, Visual Designer support Takes more time and experience to build
Deploying Not meant to be deployed across multiple websites Easier to deploy: consists of a single assembly
Interchangeable Templates No Yes
Design-Time Support No Yes

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