For developers: Use Sitefinity Insight access token from Connector for Sitefinity Insight

When developing your Sitefinity CMS based solution, you may need to use the Connector for Sitefinity Insight. However, when using Sitefinity Insight, you need to use authentication to access the secured Sitefinity Insight API endpoints.

In this article, you will learn how to get the authorization token which Sitefinity CMS stores and use it to authenticate calls to Sitefinity Insight API.

PREREQUISITES: You generate an access key in the Sitefinity Insight admin web app, and you use this key to configure the Connector for Sitefinity Insight in your Sitefinity CMS backend. For additional information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.

The following code sample shows you how to retrieve the access token based on the current Sitefinity Insight connector configuration. Then, you use the token with the Sitefinity Insight .NET SDK to retrieve the data centers for which the access key is authorized.

The Connector for Sitefinity Insight automatically takes care of token expiration, renewal, and caching. When you use the API described above, you do not need to write custom code to implement this functionality.

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