CSS classes: Buy now widget and Product details view

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to Buy now widget and Product details view:
CSS class name  Class set to   Default HTML tag
sfproductDetailsWrp Wrapper of product details wrapper <div>
sfInSidebar Wrapper of product details wrapper in Sidebar mode <div>
sfproductDetails Wrapper of product details <div>
sfproductBuyNow Wrapper of product details in Buy now widget <div>
sfproductImgsWrp Wrapper of product images <div>
sfproductMainImgWrp Wrapper of product main image <div>
sfproductImgsListWrp Wrapper of list of other product images <div>
sfproductImgsList List of other product images <ul>
sfproductImgWrp Wrapper of single product image <li>
sfproductImgLnk Link to open product image in lightbox <a>
sfproductImg Product image thumbnail <img>
sfproductInfoWrp Wrapper of product info <div>
sfproductTitle Product title <h1>
sfproductDynamicFieldsList List of product characteristics common for all products of a particular product type <ul>
sfproductDynamicField Wrapper of single product characteristic <li>
sfproductField Single product characteristic <div>
sfproductDescription Product description <div>
sfproductOptions Wrapper of list of product options <div>
sfproductOptionsList List of product options <ul>
sfproductOption Single product option wrapper <li>
sfAddToCartWrp Add to cart form wrapper <div>
sfBuyNowBtnWrp Add to Buy now button wrapper <div>
sfQuantity Input to enter number of product copies to buy <input>
sfAddToCartBtn Add to cart button <input>

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