Create a discount or coupon

  1. On the Discounts page, click Create a discount.
    The Create a discount page opens.
  2. When you are using multiple languages, choose the language in which you want to create the discount from the dropdown Languages list in the right sidebar.
    NOTE: You might not see the language list when creating your very first discount, yet it will be available thereafter. For more information about languages, see Administration: Language settings.
  3. In the Name input field, enter a name for the discount.
    For example, enter Christmas sale.
  4. In Discount amount dropdown box, select whether the discount will be a percentage of the subtotal of the order or a fix amount that will be subtracted from the subtotal.
  5. In Discount amount input field, enter the percentage or a fixed amount that will be discounted from the order.
  6. Enter how many times the discount can be used.
    If you do not enter anything, the discount can be applied until you redefine, deactivate, or delete it.
  7. Under Apply discount for... select which customers will get discount.
    Choose one of the following:
    • All customers
      The discount is available to all customers.
    • Existing customers
      The customer must be logged in and must have previously purchased from the store in order to use the discount.
    • New customers
      The customer must be logged in but have not made any prior purchases from the store.  
    • Only if the customer enters a coupon code…
      Select this, if you want to apply the discount only to a coupon holder.
      In the input field that appears, create the coupon code.
      When you give the coupon code to a customer, the customer can enter the code when shopping and the created discount will be applied to the subtotal of the order. The code can be applied to the shopping cart subtotal or during the checkout process.
      The following rules apply to coupon codes:
      • Codes are not case sensitive.
      • Total coupon discount cannot be more than the order amount.
      • Only one coupon can be used.
      • A coupon can be applied on top of another discount.
    • Selected users and roles
      The discount can be limited to a selected list of users and/or roles (users in particular roles).  The list of valid customers can be any combination of users or roles and can have one or more users or roles associated with the discount.
  8. In Start date, enter the date, from which the discount will be active.
    Use the calendar and the time picker that show when you click the field.
  9. In End date input field, enter the date (if any) when the discount will end. Use the calendar and the time picker that show when you click the field.
  10. In Minimum subtotal, enter the minimum amount that an order must be in order for the discount to apply.
  11. In Maximum subtotal, enter the maximum amount that an order must be in order for the discount to apply.
  12. To activate the discount, select This discount is active checkbox.
  13. Click Create this discount.

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