Enable comments and ratings

By default, comments are enabled for all commentable types of content and pages. Ratings are enabled, by default, only for products.

To enable and disable comments and ratings, perform the following:

  1. Click Content » Comments.
  2. In the right pane, click Settings.
    The Settings page appears.
  3. In the left pane, expand CommentsModule » Commentable types.
    All commentable types appear.
  4. Click the type whose setting you want to change.
    You can configure the following:
    • AllowComments
      Enable and disable the comments for this type of content.
      For example, if you have selected the checkbox in the News content type, when you read a news item on the frontend, you see Leave a comment link. When you click it, a textbox and a submit button appears.
    • Requires authentication
      If you select this setting, only logged in users are able to leave comments and ratings.
      When a user that is not logged clicks the comments link, Sitefinity CMS redirects to the frontend login page.
      For more information, see Frontend login page.
    • Requires approval
      When a comment is submitted on your site, it is not automatically published and is not visible before you approve it.
      The comment appears in the Comments module in status Waiting for approval. To make it visible, you must manually publish it.
    • Enable email subscription
      When enabled, it allows users to subscribe for email notifications. After the comment text box, the system displays Subscribe to new comments link. If a user click it, an email is sent for each newly submitted comment for the particular content item.
      Only authenticated users can subscribe. The link is not displayed to anonymous users.

      When a user is subscribed for the comments of a particular content item, the system displays a link to unsubscribe.

      Before Sitefinity CMS can send emails, you must configure the Default notification profile. For more information, see Administration: Configure notification profiles.

    • Enable user ratings as part of the comments
      In addition to comments, you can display ratings. Users can write a review and leave a rating.
      If you want to enable ratings, you must also select the AllowComments link.

      NOTE: If you have enabled rating, the system displays the Write a review link, instead of the Leave a comment link.

    • Enable user to create Thread only by convention 
      This setting is enabled by default and forces the validation process of the comment thread's key.

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