Set the value of a custom field

To set the value of a custom field for a specific item (e.g. news item), you must perform the following:

  1. Get the news manager.
    Get an instance of the NewsManager object.
  2. Get the specified news item.
    Get an instance of the news item with the specified ID. For more information, see For developers: Query news items.
  3. Set the value of the field.
    To set the value of the field you must call the SetValue method of the news item instance. Pass the name and the value of the field as the respective arguments.
  4. Save the changes.
    To save the changes, call the SaveChanges method of the news manager.

Here is a code example:

Please note that since GetValue and SetValue are extension methods, VS Intellisense will not automatically detect their namespace. Please add a using statement for Telerik.Sitefinity.Model in your class.

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