Localize content items

To localize content items, you set the required culture by passing it as a parameter to the Lstring properties of the item.

The following code example demonstrates how to localize a News item.
: The ID argument is assigned to the master version of the News item. For more information about the different version of a content item, see For developers: Content lifecycle.

In the example below, you perform the following:

  1. Get an instance of the NewsManager class.
  2. Check whether a News item with the same ID already exists. 
    If a News item with the same ID does not exist, create the item by calling the CreateNewsItem method of the NewsManager class. 
    You can create a News item with either predefined or auto-generated ID, depending on which overload of the method you use. The ID argument is assigned to the ID property of the master version of the item. 

  3. Set the properties of the News item object.
    Passing the culture when setting the Title ensures that the News item is localized for that specific culture.

  4. Recompile and validate the URLs of the News item.

  5. Set the ApprovalWorkflowState to Published by passing the culture for the required localized version.

  6. Publish the News item to a Live state using the content lifecycle of the NewsManager class.
  7. Save the changes.

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