Change filtering by View permissions

We changed the way the View permissions are applied for a list of items (filter queries by View permissions).

Sitefinity CMS 4.x:

By default, the queries for secured objects (News, Events, Blogs, BlogPosts, etc.) were always filtered by View permissions when they are displayed in the list view.

This is a performance overhead, since most cases (maybe 99%) the items will have view permissions for everyone.

Sitefinity CMS 5.0 and above:

By default, the queries are not filtered by View permissions. However, there is a configuration setting to enable FilterQueriesByViewPermissions globally for all data providers, or set it per provider overriding the default value:

The global setting is in the Settings -> Advanced -> Security: FilterQueriesByViewPermissions (Enable filtering queries by view permissions)

To override the global setting for a specific provider you have to add filterQueriesByViewPermissions parameter provider settings.

Upgraded sites

The upgraded sites will use the previous logic (FilterQueriesByViewPermissions = true).

The newly created sites will be with FilterQueriesByViewPermissions = false.

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