Use Web Forms designer with widgets

With Sitefinity CMS, you benefit from a new lighter MVC designer for widgets. You can use the new designer with any MVC widget. You can, however, replace the new MVC designer with the old WebForms widget designer. You can replace the widget designer you are currently using with any custom window that suits your needs.

To use the WebForms widget designer, place the following attribute at the beginning of your controller classes:

using Telerik.Sitefinity.Frontend.Designers; 


In case you want to use your custom designer instead of the built-in ones, you can add as argument your custom URL to the DesignerUrl attribute. You can also use this attribute along with the WebForms widgets. Thus, widgets will use the custom designer URL, specified in the attribute. To do so, set the following URL in the DesignerUrl attribute:



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