Single item settings tab

On this tab you choose the way to display the items.
In Open Single item in… radio button, select one of the following:
  • Auto-generated page
    When an item is clicked, it is displayed in a page which is automatically generated and has the same layout as the current page.
  • Select existing page…
    You select a page from the existing pages with certain layout where an item will be displayed when clicked.

    NOTE: In order to display the dynamic item, the page you have selected must have your dynamic widget added.

    1. Click Select Page.
      From the treeview, select the page where you want to display the item.
    2. Click Done selecting.
  • In Detail templates, select the template which is used to display the items on the webpage.
    You can create a custom template by clicking Create new template. You can edit existing templates by selecting them and clicking Edit.
    For more information, see Create and edit widget templates.
  • If you want to display buttons for social sharing, select Enable social share buttons.
    This enables your users to share the items, for example, on Facebook.
    To configure which buttons to display, see Administration: Social sharing settings.

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