Query message templates

To find a specific message template, you use the NewslettersManager class. 

The following code examples find a message template with a specific ID, with the Native API.

Query message templates of type Plain text

First, you initialize the NewslettersManager. Then, you call GetMessageBodies to retrieve all message bodies and, finally, you filter the message bodies based on the Id property.

NOTE: You can filter by any of the MessageBody properties.

Query message templates using the GetMessageBody method of type Plain text

You can also use the GetMessageBody method of the manager class, in the following way:

NOTE: If no message template with the specified ID exists, the GetMessageBody method throws Telerik.Sitefinity.SitefinityExceptions.ItemNotFoundException exception.

Query message templates of type Like a web page

The following code shows how to use the Native API to get the message body of a message template with a specific ID, whose type is Like a web page

To find a specific message template, you use the GetMessageBody method. Then, to get the rendered content of the page,  you use the pageManager instance. Finally, to strip all HTML and return email acceptable HTML, use the ProcessHtml method. 

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