CSS classes: Email campaigns widgets

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to newsletters widget:

CSS class name Class set to Default HTML tag 
sfnewsletterForm Wrapper of Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms. <fieldset>
sfSubscribe Wrapper of Subscribe form. <fieldset>
sfUnsubscribe Wrapper of Unsubscribe form. <fieldset>
sfnewsletterTitle Title of Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms. <h2>
sfnewsletterDescription Description of Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms. <p>
sfMessage Message if the subscription/unsubscription was successful or not successful. <div>
sfnewsletterFieldsList Wrapper of list of subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletter form. <ol>
sfnewsletterField Wrapper of single form field. <li>
sfTxtLbl Field label. <label>
sfNote Label note (e.g. Optional). <em>
sfTxt Form text input (Email, First name and Last name). <input>
sfErrorWrp Inline error message wrapper. <span>
sfError Inline error message. <strong>
sfnewsletterSubmitBtnWrp Wrapper of subscription/unsubscription button. <div>
sfnewsletterSubmitBtn Subscription/unsubscription button. <input>

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