Sitefinity CMS provides you with a variety of tools and services to manage your site and system.

Increase performance and scalability

System-wise, you can run Sitefinity CMS in a load balanced environment, thus increasing scalability, performance, or availability of an application. In addition, you can take advantage of Sitefinity CMS services that facilitate the workflow and processes. These services include message notifications that can be dynamically personalized and send through different messaging channels.

Subscribe to events

Sitefinity CMS event system, on the other hand, is a mechanism that lets you subscribe for a number of events raised by the Sitefinity CMS modules, and execute custom code when they fire. The event system simplifies listening to events.

Register the location

The geo location services enable you to know the locations of an item in the system – the actual URLs of a content item in the context of the pages where it is displayed. Each Sitefinity CMS content widget uses the service to register the location of the content item on the page.

Manage site infrastructure

You can also work on infrastructure of your site by using the sitemap generator with which you easily create an XML sitemap to inform search engines about your site, its pages, and various content and that they are available for crawling. In addition, you can configure the internal search of your site using search indexes and defining different sets of content to be searched.

Manage content and publishing

In regard to the content of your website, you can be sure not to lose any important content that you deleted by taking advantage of the capabilities of the Recycle bin module.

Finally, once you publish your content, Sitefinity’s publishing system allows you to use feeds and notifications to publish frequently updated information. You can also publish content you create in Sitefinity CMS as tweets via a Twitter account.

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Web Security for Sitefinity Administrators

The free standalone Web Security lesson teaches administrators how to protect your websites and Sitefinity instance from external threats. Learn to configure HTTPS, SSL, allow lists for trusted sites, and cookie security, among others.

Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development

The free on-demand video course teaches developers how to use Sitefinity .NET Core and leverage its decoupled architecture and new way of coding against the platform.

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