Customize the label of the search button: Dynamically set the label of the search button

You can also set the labels of the search button on each site dynamically, via the Labels & Messages page.
To do this, for each site, you must create one resource class to hold the label.
Perform the following:
  1. Open your project in Visual Studio.
  2. Add and register a user widget, following procedure Tutorial: Customize the label of the search button in a multiple site project.
  3. In SietfinityWebApp, create two resource classes.
    Perform the following:
    1. Install Sitefinity CMS VSIX.
      For more information, see Sitefinity CMS VSIX.
    2. In the context menu of SitefinityWebApp, click Add » Sitefinity » Add new Resource package.
    3. Name the first class SiteSpecificSearchButtonResources2.cs
    4. Create another resource class and name it SiteSpecificSearchButtonResources3.cs
  4. Open SiteSpecificSearchButtonResources2.cs and enter the following code:
  5. Open SiteSpecificSearchButtonResources3.cs and enter the following code:
  6. Register the custom resource classes in the Global.asax file.
    The file must look in the following way:

    NOTE: If you do not have a Global.asax file added to your project, you can add it by opening the context menu of SitefinityWebApp and clicking Add » New Item… » Visual C# » Web » Global Application Class.
    If you already have a Global.asax file, you must merge it with the one above.

  7. Build your solution and restart the application.
  8. In the backend, click Administration » Labels & Messages.
  9. Search for SearchBoxText2 and enter Search2
  10. Search for SearchBoxText3 and enter Search3

When you place the standard Search widget on a page from FirstSite, it displayes label Search; when you place it on a page from SecondSite, it displayes label Search2; when you place it on ThirdSite, it displayes label Search3.

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