Mission Critical File Transfer and EDI Translation Software for the Enterprise

MessageWay delivers high-volume MFT, EDI translation and B2B integration with support for Windows with MSSQL, as well as Linux with MySQL or Oracle.

Why Choose MessageWay

Flexible, powerful and scalable, Progress MessageWay efficiently and reliably handles your mission-critical file transfer and/or EDI translation needs while providing maximum visibility and auditability of every file and its end-to-end lifecycle.

File Transfer Consolidation

MessageWay provides a comprehensive set of secure client and server protocols to align with all potential trading partner requirements including SFTP/SCP, FTP/S, AS2, AWS S3, HTTP/S, SMTP/S, POP3/S and IBM MQ.

B2B Integration

MessageWay provides for easy implementation of loosely coupled custom processes via command line or scripts for rapid migration and deployment. Programs and scripts can be developed in any language supported by the host server’s operating system.

Any-to-Any Translation

Single-pass, any-to-any translation between flat files, XML, X12, EDIFACT, SWIFT, ACH and proprietary formats prepares data for destination-ready file delivery for real-time B2B integration between internal and partner systems.

Centralized Management

A centralized management dashboard controls all enterprise electronic file movement on both sides of the firewall with intelligent workflow, scheduling, and exception management that ensure complete visibility and auditability of file exchanges.

Key Features


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