Sort, filter, and find documents and files

Sort documents and files

To display the sorting options, click Filter (Filter documents).

There are the following sorting options:

  • Manually 
    The default sorting options, which displays the manual ordering of users.  For more information on how to manually order documents, see Document and file libraries
  • Last created on top 
    Sorts documents in descending order according to the time of upload. 
  • Last modified on top 
    Sorts documents in descending order according to time of modification. 
  • By title (A-Z) or By title (Z-A) 
    Sorts documents alphabetically ascending or descending.

Filter documents and files

Filtering lets you refine the list of documents that are displayed. To display the filtering options, click Filter (Filter documents).

  • Filter by language. 
    To display document translations for a specific language, click the language in the drop-down menu under Language
  • Filter by ownership. 
    To display documents, uploaded only by your user, under Filter documents, click My documents
    To filter documents of another author, click Custom filter » By Author
  • Filter by workflow status. 
    You can filter documents by their status. For example, Published or Draft
    For more information, see Workflow statuses.  
  • Filter by classifications. 
    To do this, click Custom filter
    You can also filter documents by categories, tags, and custom classifications. If you have added a custom classification field to documents, it appears in the filter options. 
    For more information, see Custom fields.  
  • Filter by date.  
    To filter documents by the date they were modified, click Custom filter » By Date modified
    The Date range fields appear. 
  • Filter by file extension 
    You can filter only documents of certain file format. To do this, click Custom filter » By Extension. 

    NOTE: To enable filtering by extension you must first activate the Enable extension filtering option in Administration » Advanced » Libraries » Documents. You can only filter by the allowed file extensions. 

  • Filter by translation status 
    Filter documents that are Marked for translation or Sent for translation

Search for documents and files

To search for a document, use the search field on the top of the Documents page. The search results include documents from the currently open library and its child libraries that contain the search input. To search all documents, navigate to Content » Documents & Files. If you are in a child library, the search does not look into its parent libraries.  



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