Reference: What technology you need and why

When tracking the behavior of your audience, you leverage Sitefinity Insight client-side tracking capabilities.

Depending on your tracking scenarios, you or your team need to have background knowledge in the following areas: 

  Area  Why you need it 



C# and JavaScript  To leverage the JavaScript and .NET SDK capabilities for tracking 
HTTP requests  Send interactions to Insight
Browser-debugging tools 

Investigate performance and response time on client side by running an in-browser or standalone profiling tools.  

Sitefinity CMS  Modules  Sitefinity Insight, Personalization, Forms, Multisite, etc.
Advanced settings  Modify the default settings of Sitefinity CMS to serve the purposes of your scenarios and sites.
JavaScript widget  Embed JavaScript code in your page and enhance its functionality. For example, you can use JavaScript to validate user input. 
Forms FieldName setting  For anonymous visitors and contacts mapping when filling a form on your sites. 
Insight connector  Integrate with Sitefinity CMS and track events on Sitefinity CMS site(s) 
Sitefinity Insight JavaScript and .NET SDKs 
  • Track custom events and interactions
  • Track interactions outside of Sitefinity CMS
  • Generate custom interactions with a specific predicate or object
  • Extend the reported subject and object metadata
  • Generate interactions for custom widgets 
Data integration  Integrate the data coming from different data sources - systems or sites.
Google Tag Manager

NOTE: Only if you previously used GTM. 

Custom tags 
  • Integrate with Google services
  • Upload data
  • Track Google custom engine search queries
  • Track interactions with YouTube videos
  • Use custom HTML or JavaScript code for tracking Google services

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