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The content editor makes selecting and presenting your visual content easy and straightforward. Once you upload from your computer or choose one or more images from your libraries, you can edit its properties and alignment. You can also add links to your images. For example, you add an image to a beach and link it to a specific blog post about summer vacations. For more information about inserting links externally and internally, see Create links.

Upload images

  1. In the contextual toolbar, click Insert image icon and choose the Upload an image from your computer button.
  2. Browse your computer to find the image you want to upload and click Open.
    You can select and display only one image.
  3. Under Store image to, you can select the library where you want to put the image by clicking the Edit icon.
    You can see the libraries you last used. You can:
    • Narrow down the list by typing
    • Click Show all libraries and select from the list with all created libraries.
  4. Choose Use selected.
  5. If you added any required custom fields for images, all created fields are also displayed.
    For more information about creating custom fields and hiding default fields, see Overview: Custom fields
  6. Optionally, change the Title of the image.
  7. In Alternative text input field, enter text that is used for accessibility reasons and by search engines.
  8. Click Use this image.

Select images from libraries

  1. In the contextual toolbar, click Insert image icon and choose the Upload an image from your computer button.
  2. To choose an image:

    NOTE: You can only choose one image at a time.

    • Select from the list with recently uploaded images
    • Narrow down the list by typing
    • Upload a new image by clicking the Upload icon next to the input field
    • Open the Libraries tab page and browse and choose an image directly from a library.
  3. Choose Use selected.

Edit image properties

Once you upload the image, by clicking on it, you can:

  • Align the image on the page, for example, in the center.
  • Create a link to the image, either to an external website or email, or to a content item on the website. For more information, see Create links.
  • Edit image properties

You can modify the following image properties:

  • Alternative text
  • Image thumbnail size
    By default, the size is set to Original size.
  • Image margins
    You can apply image margins that are visible in the content block before and after publishing it.

    NOTE: You can define a custom thumbnail size and choose whether to constrain proportion, so that the image is not distorted.

Delete images

To delete an already inserted image, in the text editor, click the image and press DELETE on your keyboard.

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