You manage products on the Products page, accessed from the main menu by choosing Ecommerce » Products.
The Products page lists all existing products together with actions you can perform on them.
Use this page to create, edit, and manage products.


Creating products in different languages

You can translate your products in different languages. For more information, see Translate content items and taxonomies.

Displaying products on your website

To display products on your website, you configure and use the Product list widget. For more information, see Product list widget.
To display already purchased products that are available for download, use the Your downloads widget and you must configure it. For more information, see Your downloads widget. For more information about adding widgets on your page, see Add widgets on pages and templates.

You can then specify how products are displayed by changing the template that the Product list widget uses. For more information, see Create and edit widget templates.

Product ratings and reviews

You can enable and disable products’ reviews and ratings.
For more information, see Overview: Comments module.

Synchronization of products and other parameters

You can synchronize products, variations, and attributes between two servers. For more information, see Synchronize data between two servers.

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