Filter and sort products in the backend

Filter products 

Filtering products in the backend

On Products page, you can filter products using the following filters:

  • Filter by ownership.
    To display products, created only by your user, in the right side of the page, click My posts link under Filter products
  • Filter by product type 
    • In the right pane, the system displays a list of all product types you have created.
      If you have not created any product types, only the default General products link is displayed.
      For more information, see Product types.
    • To display only a certain type of products, click the respective link in the right pane.
      The system displays all products of the selected type.
  • Filter by workflow status.
    You can filter blog posts by their status. For example, Published or Draft.
    For more information, see Workflow statuses.
  • Special filtering
    You can also filter product according to their inventory or the discounts applied.

Filtering products in the frontend

On your website, a user can filter products in the following ways:
  • Using the tags, you have added to the products when you created them.
    To display a list of tags, which the users will use to filter your products, you must add the Tags widget on the page where the Products list widget is.

    For more information about tags, see Tags widget.
    For more information about the Products list widget, see Product list widget.

  • Using the departments, which you have created and assigned product to.
    To display a tree of departments, which the users will use to filter your products, you must add the Departments widget.

    For more information see, Departments and Departments widget.

  • Using the Filter products widget
    By dropping the widget on a page, you can use filters to help your users find the products faster and more conveniently. Customers will be able to narrow a large product listing by applying filters to quickly find specific products.
    For more information, see Filter products widget.

Sort products

Sort product in the backend

To sort products in the backend you can use the Sort products: dropdown box in the toolbar of the Products page.

You have the following sorting options:

  • Modification date
  • Creation date
  • Title 
  • Price
  • Rating
  • SKU

Sort products on the frontend

You can give your customers the ability to sort the products on the site using a sort box. You can define the sorting options displayed in the sort box.
For more information, see Product list widget » Sort box settings.

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