Publishing and Scheduling API

Sitefinity CMS publishing system allows you to expose data from your application or to consume data from other applications. In both cases, you must implement data conversion between different formats and apply business logic.

To overcome this problem, Sitefinity CMS publishing system uses pipes to transfer the data from the source to Sitefinity CMS and from Sitefinity CMS to the destination in identical format.

The core components of Sitefinity CMS publishing system are:

  • Publishing point - accumulates data from different sources
  • Inbound pipe - transfers data from source to publishing point
  • Outbound pipe - transfers data from publishing point to destination

The data is coming from the inbound pipes into the publishing point and after that is processed by the outbound pipes.

Every time when you save item, Sitefinity CMS creates a schedule task that invokes the publishing system in the current thread.

Sitefinity CMS allows you to create custom pipes or modify build-in pipes.

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