Schedule a recurring task to import POP3 content

Monthly email newsletters are a tool for informing customers about your products and services. This information includes the latest product updates, new promotions, new tools, and upcoming corporate events. To stay informed, many organizations subscribe to competitor’s email newsletters to monitor their announcements and the quality of their marketing materials. These materials circulate internally and are used for strategic planning.

Sitefinity CMS can help you gather, aggregate, and publish this content to your Intranet. This tutorial guides you through the steps required to create a scheduled task that updates your feed automatically. For more information about feeds in Sitefinity CMS, see Publishing system: Feeds.

Subscribing overview

With Sitefinity’s publishing system you can consume external RSS and Atom feeds as well as mail content using the POP3 protocol. Once consumed, this data can be blended into a Publishing Point (data mashup) and published on your Intranet portal.

Once you aggregate the necessary information, you can choose either to publish this content in your Sitefinity CMS project as news, blogs, and events or push it directly to Twitter or RSS. 

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