Registration widget

You use the Registration widget to enable users of your website to register.

Configure the Registration widget

After you place the Registration widget on your page, do the following:

  1. To open the widget designer, click the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the widget.
  2. In the Registration dialogue, configure the following:

    • Select a provider from the Providers dropdown menu.
      This is the provider where your users will be registered.
    • Under Roles, which the user will be assigned to…, choose whether the user is assigned to any roles and if yes, select the roles. For more information about roles, see Overview: Roles.
    • Under When the form is successfully submitted..., choose what to display to the user upon registration completion:
      • Show a message
        The message displayed when form is submitted is "Thank you! You are successfully registered."
      • Open a specially prepared page...
        From the tree, select the page to be opened when registration is complete. Click Done selecting.
    • Under Login page, select the page that opens when the user clicks the Back to Login link.

      NOTE: The page must have a Login form widget placed on it.

    • From the Registration form template dropdown menu, select the template for the registration form.

      NOTE: You can optionally customize the default widget template or create a new template for the Registration widget. For more information, see Overview: Widget templates.

    • Under More options, you can choose a class name for the Registration widget if later you want to set a CSS style for the widget.
  3. In the Account activation tab page, choose when to activate the account of the user who completes the registration form:

    • Immediately
      The account is activated when the user clicks Register button in the registration form. To send a confirmation email for successful registration:
      • Select the Send an email for successful registration checkbox.
      • Under Success email template, select the template for the email that the system sends to the user when the account has been successfully activated.
    • After a confirmation
      1. Under Confirmation page, select the page that opens when the user clicks the confirmation link in the email.

        NOTE: The page must have the Account activation widget added to it.

      2. Click the Select a page… button and select the page from the tree.
      3. Click Done selecting.
      4. Select a template for the email that the system sends to the user for account confirmation.

When you are finished with all the settings, click Save. The Registration window closes and the Registration widget is configured to display the users you have selected. For more information about advanced configuration options, see Advanced configuration of widgets.

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