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Sitefinity CMS widgets are standard MVC widgets that you can find in the widget toolbox. You place the widgets on any page or template to add specific content or functionality. Each widget provides you with options to configure the widget's preferences in the user interface. For example, the News widget has options for selecting which news to display, how to sort them, and how many news items are rendered on the page.

You can modify the default widget templates directly in the file system without any need to build your project to apply the changes.  You can also control the rendered HTML and modify the markup of default widget templates according to your preferences. To edit a widget template, you simply edit the markup of the widget. You can create new widget templates either in the file system or from the backend.  For information about file priorities, see Priorities for resolving views.

NOTE: When create and activate a dynamic module, Sitefinity CMS automatically creates a Dynamic content widget for this module. There are slight differences with how you work with Dynamic content widgets’ templates, as well as the naming conventions for files and folders. For more information, see Naming conventions.

Widget templates can be located in the ResourcePackages folder of the Bootstrap package that Sitefinity CMS uses, or, in the root folder of your project.

NOTE: If you are not using any resource package, the default templates are located in Sitefinity CMS assemblies, so you can override them in the root of the project, or create new ones. Thus, widget templates are not coupled to any resource package.

For more information about frontend frameworks, see Overview: Resource packages.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend that you store the widget templates in your resource package. For information about file priorities, see Priorities for resolving views.

You manage widget templates on Widget templates page. To open the page, in the main menu, click Design » Widget Templates.

If you are working with Web Forms widgets as well, see Overview: WebForms widgets.

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