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You use the Account activation widget when you want users to first confirm their account and only then activate the account. To do this, you add the Account activation widget on the confirmation page. The confirmation page can be the same page where the Registration widget is added or another page.

PREREQUISITES: When configuring the Registration widget, on the Account activation tab, you must select By confirmation link sent to user email radio button.

Configure the Account activation widget

  1. Place the Account activation widget on the same page that has the Registration widget.
  2. Open the Account activation widget designer.
  3. Select the template you want to use.

    NOTE: You can optionally customize the default widget template or create a new template for the Change password widget. For more information, see Overview: Widget templates.

  4. Select the profile page
    Once the account activation is successful, this page link will navigate users to the page where the Profile widget is placed.
  5. To apply additional CSS classes to the Account activation widget, under More options section specify the CSS class names.

Advanced settings

To define additional advanced properties of the Account activation widget, in the widget designer, click Advanced and define the TemplateName. The name reflects your selection in the Template dropdown menu in the Simple view of the widget.

Model settings

To define additional model properties of the Account activation widget, in the widget designer,avigate to Advanced » Model. \define the following:

  • CssClass
    If you specified a CSS class in the Simple view of the widget, the value is copied in the Model as well.

  • MembershipProvider
    In MembershipProvider field, enter the name of the membership provider for the user that you use to authenticate in Sitefinity.

  • ProfilePageId
    In case profile page is specifically selected, the IDs of the selected profile page is populated in that field.

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