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Kendo UI Services and Consulting

Maximize your investment, productivity and competitive edge with services and consulting for Kendo UI products.

Our comprehensive services and consulting are available for these Kendo UI products:

  • Kendo UI for jQuery
  • Kendo UI for Angular
  • Kendo UI for React
  • Kendo UI for Vue

Available Services and Consulting

Staff Augmentation

A high volume of projects can tax your development team to the point where the projects themselves may be jeopardizing. That’s where Progress experts in Kendo UI can help, by:

  • Supporting management during project planning
  • Evaluating staff and pinpointing where help is needed
  • Working side-by-side with your team
  • Reviewing architecture in detail to uncover problem areas
  • Optimizing your architecture to get the most out of the solutions you already have

Progress consultants are available when and where you need them, plus your permanent team can learn new skills from our consultants while they’re there.

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Software Development Outsourcing

Running an IT shop is a never-ending, expensive challenge. We get that and also know that the challenges are ever-escalating—whether it’s embracing new technology, doing more with less, or bringing new solutions to the fore that directly affect the business.

We can help. Our seasoned architects, analysts, designers and developers offer comprehensive solutions, from web or desktop development to cloud and mobile applications. And we’ll ensure that you’re getting the most out of the Kendo UI products you’re already using. Services include:

  • Component Customization—Modify, extend, and tailor Kendo UI components and controls to fit your needs
  • Application Development—We’ll build the entire application for you
  • Mentoring and Training—We can review your systems, processes and source code, advise you on best practices and ensure that your team is headed in the right direction
  • Process Assessment—Kendo UI experts evaluate your software development process and offer recommendations to improve your team’s effectiveness, including adoption of Agile methodologies, implementing process enablers and end-to-end Dev Ops
  • Application Assessment—Get an objective evaluation of your mobile, web or native app that identifies and quantifies risks and areas that don’t align with best practices. We then provide improvement recommendations with a roadmap for adoption.
  • Themes and skins—We’ll create themes and skins to match your company branding
  • User Experience—Our UX designers can evaluate or design your application and ensure it provides an excellent experience along all customer touchpoints
  • Dashboard and Reports—Kendo UI reports, visualization components and dashboards will help to present data, KPIs and other metrics to your audience. Our UX designers can create a unique look that tightly integrates with your brand.

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Individual Services

Sometimes a little boost in the right place at the right time will bring your project to the next level. These available services can help:

  • Business Requirement Analysis—This process discovers, analyzes, defines and documents specific business objective requirements
  • Code Review/Analysis—We’ll review your source code and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Workshop Mentoring—We’ll take you through best practices for Kendo UI technology
  • Implementation Facilitation—Learn best practices for implementing Kendo UI technology into your application stack
  • Kendo UI Migration—We’ll enable your migration from another vendor to Kendo UI.
  • Health Checks—We’ll assess your environment for peak performance, configuration and use of best practices
  • Upgrades—Save time and let us handle your Kendo UI version upgrades for you
  • Modernization—Get strategic guidance on migrating from legacy technology
  • Assessments—We’ll help you hit your scalability and long-term goals with an application assessment

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Progress Services

Beyond exceptional tools, our services and training help you build better applications and improve your processes.

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