A Complete UI Toolkit for
Web Development

The Challenge of Building Modern Web Apps

Users demand rich, responsive, adaptive experiences on any browser or device. You need to deliver those compelling experiences quickly—without expensive custom development or design resources.

The Solution: The Only UI Library You’ll Ever Need

Progress® Kendo UI® delivers everything you need to build a modern web application under tight deadlines, with out-of-the-box features and functions that can speed your development time by 50 percent:


Use your preferred framework—AngularJS/Angular or JQuery


Leverage more than 70 customizable UI components to create eye-catching, data-rich desktop, tablet, and mobile web apps


Accelerate development time with responsive layout, powerful data-binding, cross-browser compatibility and ready-to-use themes


Get started fast with easy integration backed by comprehensive documentation, flexible support options, hands-on training courses and a large developer community

Modern Apps Begin With Modern UX

The next-generation of mission-critical business applications will be cognitive-first apps that are adaptive, connected and intelligent. Kendo UI’s advanced features help you deliver rich user experiences that are the leading edge of any modern, sophisticated app.

Progress’ Cognitive Apps Offering

Success story

HP Slashes Development Time up to 40% with Kendo UI

The combination of rich functionality and expert support enabled HP to speed development of business-critical cross-platform sales app.


Progress Kendo UI

The most complete UI library for data-rich web applications