Data collection API endpoints

With the Sitefinity Insight API, you can report data to Sitefinity Insight in an easy and straightforward way.

Data collection with Sitefinity Insight API

POST /collect/v2/data-centers/{data-center-key}/datasources/{data-source-name}/interactions

Resource information

HTTP method POST
Description Send a single or a collection of interactions to a data center.
Authentication None.


Name Location Required Data type Description
data-center-key URI path Yes Guid The API key of the data center you want to upload the sentences to.
data-source-name URI path Yes String The name of the data source, under which the metadata is reported. Data source name can be 32 characters max. For example, Website.

Request body

Name Required Data type Description
JSON root Yes Interaction or Interaction[]. For details, see Interaction API data type. The interaction or collection of interactions to report to the data center in the data-center-key parameter.


Name Returned data Description
200 OK Integer The number of successfully imported interactions.
400 Bad Request GeneralErrorResponse Usually returned when the provided data source name is longer than 32 characters.
403 Forbidden GeneralErrorResponse Returned when an invalid API key is provided in the data-center-key parameter. Another reason is when the provided key is valid but the authenticated user does not have access to the data center.

Sample request and response

The following sample request shows how to report just subject metadata, just a sentence, just object metadata, or just mapping, as well as all of them at the same time.



Body JSON:

Sample response:


This is the number of interactions reported by the data source.

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