Hierarchical taxon selector

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a hierarchical taxon selector in a widget's designer view. You can select taxa from a hierarchical taxonomy like Categories or a custom classification of your choice. For more information about categories in Sitefinity CMS, see For developers: Hierarchical taxonomies. For more information on custom classifications in Sitefinity CMS, see Create custom classifications

To add a Hierarchical taxon selector, in your DesignerView.YourView.cshtml file, place one of the following tags anywhere in the HTML code:

Single item selection:

Multiple items selection:

The values of the attributes are scope properties that you define in the MVC widget controller.

Attribute Description
sf-selected-item-id Single select only. Stores the ID of the selected item. 
sf-selected-item  Single select only. Stores the serialized information of the selected item.
sf-selected-ids Multi select only. Stores the IDs of the selected items. 
sf-selected-items Multi select only. Stores the serialized information of the selected items. 
sf-provider Configures the provider to use when retrieving the items to display.
sf-taxonomy-id  Accepts a scope property holding the GUID of the taxonomy.  For more information see  Taxonomies.

To access the selected value, you use the sf-selected-item and sf-selected-item-id attributes. If multiple selection of items is enabled, you must use the  sf-selected-items and sf-selected-ids attributes. For more information on multiple selection of items, see Use content item selectors.

By default, the selector shows only categories but you can modify it to work with a hierarchical taxonomy of your choice. You do this by specifying a sf-taxonomy-id attribute that accepts a scope property holding the GUID of the taxonomy. For an example on how to find the ID of a taxonomy, see  Hierarchical taxonomies API

You can specify the dialog header using the sf-dialog-header attribute. By default, the dialog header is Select but if you set sf-dialog-header="Department", then the header is Select Department.

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