Add jQuery resources and other libraries

You can add jQuery or other built-in libraries in Sitefinity CMS, for example KendoWeb.

You have two options to add a jQuery library to your widget, page, or master template:

  • Via the markup using tags
  • Via the code-behind programmatically

Regardless of which option you choose, resources are added as embedded resources. Therefore, they are combined with all other Sitefinity CMS built-in library resources and loaded in the browser together.

Add jQuery resources via markup

To include Sitefinity built-in jQuery resources, you register the Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI assembly in the markup of your widget or page and add the following code in the markup of the widget, page, or template:

Add jQuery resources via code-behind

You include Sitefinity built-in jQuery programatically using the PageManager class. To use the PageManager,depending on whether you are adding the library to a widget, page, or template, add the following namespace in the beginning of the code-behind of the ascx.cs, aspx.cs, or master.cs file: using Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Pages;

Next, include a reference to Sitefinity's built-in version of jQuery library. To do this, use the PageManager class in the Page_PreRender method of your ascx.cs file code-behind:

This code registers the built-in version of jQuery, so that your widget can access the library. 

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