Avoid conflicts when loading multiple versions of jQuery

By default, Sitefinity CMS uses the built-in jQuery library . In some cases you may require a different version of jQuery to support a Javascript library written for a specific version. However, simply including a second version of jQuery may cause unexpected conflicts.

NOTE: To check the current version of jQuery, use the $.fn.jquery property.

To correctly include a version of jQuery that is different than the built-in version, you need to use the jQuery.noConflict() method to wrap your custom logic in a function scope and avoid conflicts:

After loading a second version of jQuery, calling the jQuery.noConflict(true) method restores the globally scoped jQuery variables to those of Sitefinity’s built-in jQuery library. In the code above, the variable jq14 is passed to a function scope. Inside that function scope, Sitefinity CMS version of jQuery is overridden and any code placed in the scope accesses the jQuery version you loaded.

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