Browse section presets

Open the section presets grid

You can see a list of all created presets and preview each preset.
You do this on the Section presets grid.

In Sitefinity CMS backend, navigate to Design » Section presets.
A list of all section presets appears.

Preset details

For each preset, you can see the following information:

  • The preset's name
  • When it was created
  • Which user created the preset

Preset actions

With each preset, you can perform the following:

Action Procedure
Preview a preset
To preview a section preset, click it.
Change the title of a preset
To change the title of a preset, click it, enter the new title, and click Save changes.
Delete a preset
To delete a preset, in the grid, expand its More options (Actions) button, click Delete, and confirm your choice.

Sort and filter presets

To sort and filter presets, on the presets grid, click Filter pages (Filter section presets).

You can sort presets using the Sort section presets dropdown box in the right pane of the page.
There are the following sorting options:

  • Last modified on top
    Sorts presets in descending order according to time of last title modification.
  • Last created on top
    Sorts presets in descending order according to their creation date.
  • Alphabetically ascending or descending.

To filter presets, you can use the following filters:

  • All section presets
    Displays all created presets.
  • Filter by ownership.
    To display page templates, created only by your user, click My section presets.

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