Apply section presets

Once you have created a preset, you can apply it anywhere on a .NET Core page.

You apply a section preset, the same way as you add a standard Section widget on a page.
Perform the following:

  1. Open the page where you want to apply the widget preset.
  2. Hover over where you want to place the preset and click + ADD SECTION.
  3. Click Layout & Presets and scroll down to the Section presets section.
    You see the previews of all created section presets.

    The following screenshot displays an example of the Section presets section:
    Select a preset

  4. Click the section preset that you want to apply.

RESULT: The section preset is applied where you wanted. You can further continue to edit your preset and page.

NOTE: Editing a section preset applied on a page does not affect all other pages where the same preset is applied.

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