Configure CDN cache for pages and libraries

To enhance the performance of your Sitefinity CMS website you can integrate it with a CDN service of your choice. This enables content to be delivered to website visitors from the nearest edge server of the CDN service provider, instead of going every time to the original server. CDN services  also cache your pages HTML and media content, thus minimizing your server load and ensuring your website scalability.

Configure CDN cache for pages

Sitefinity CMS provides full support for CDN caching protocol. Once you have your CDN configured to deliver the website content through its servers, you need to ensure Sitefinity CMS is setting the proper values in the cache-control headers, which determine the CDN behavior. To do this you need to configure the Proxy Max Age setting of the default page cache profile set for your Sitefinity CMS web application. The Proxy Max Age setting determines the value of  the 's-maxage' cache-control directive and it is used explicitly for proxy servers and CDNs. It overrides the max-age directive and expires header field when present.  For more information see: Configure cache profiles.

Configure CDN cache for media content libraries

Having CDN cache configured for pages guarantees that your website pages content is delivered from the CDN servers cache. This also includes the media content items present on your pages. You can however configure CDN explicitly for your media  content for scenarios where you want to enable CDN only for media content, and not the entire site, or have certain blob storage providers for your media content libraries deliver content from CDN. To configure CDN for your Sitefinity CMS libraries you enable CDN for the blob storage provider used by your libraries. For more information see: Configure CDN for blob storage providers



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