Web Forms deprecation with Sitefinity CMS 14.1

DISCLAIMER: The Web Forms related documentation has been removed in version 14.1 of Sitefinity product documentation as obsolete. This is done in accordance with the deprecated Web Forms capabilities. However, if you have upgraded your project to version 14.1 or higher, and continue using any Web Forms capabilities, you can still find the corresponding content in lower Sitefinity documentation versions.

Deprecation scope 

With the release of Sitefinity CMS 14.1, the following capabilities have been discontinued: 

  • Web Forms widgets for front-end development
  • Web Forms widget templates 
  • Hybrid page templates
  • Responsive & Mobile design module (only used in relation to Web Forms) 

For new projects on version 14.1 and higher, the listed capabilities are not available. 
You can use the following alternatives: 

  • .NET Core widgets, pages, and templates  
  • MVC widgets, pages, and templates

For projects upgraded to version 14.1 or higher, the capabilities are available, so that the projects are not broken upon upgrade and you have time to plan & execute a migration. We are sunsetting these capabilities, therefore we will no longer invest in feature development or bug fixes.
To maintain fully supported sites, consider migrating to .NET Core or MVC framework instead. 

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