Overview of pages and page templates


The Travelling Agency demo site has the following basic pages:

  • Home - The home page, displaying summary information for all countries and most popular hotels. It also gives option for quick access to different cities of countries.
  • Country – Displays detailed information for a specific country. It also displays a list of cities and a list of festivals in the current country.
  • City – Displays detailed information for a specific city. Hotels and restaurant suggestions are listed as well. In addition, displays information about other places in the country of the current city.
  • Hotel and Restaurant – Displays detailed information about a specific hotel or restaurant. In addition, gives suggestions about visiting other places in same city – restaurants or hotels.
  • Festivals – Displays all festivals in all countries and gives users the ability to filter them via selecting specific country.
  • Where to stay – Displays all hotels from all countries and cities. Gives users the ability to filter hotels via country and then via city.

Page templates

The site is based on two page templates – Base and Travelling Agency.

  • Base template is based on the Base.master file.
  • Travelling Agency is based on the Base template.


Content on the site is displayed by following widgets:

  • Content block
  • Image widget
  • Dynamic content widget for displaying all dynamic types and filtering

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