Dynamic modules and the Module Builder


If you need additional modules, you can create them with the Module Builder. For example, you can create a module for creating and storing frequently asked questions or press releases. When you create your own module, you can choose what fields it contains. When you activate a module, it becomes visible under the Content tab.

Dynamic modules can have more than one content type and can have hierarchy. For example, you can create an HR module that has the following content types – Personal information, Professional experience, and Education. You can also have hierarchical content types. Such built-in modules are the Blogs module and the Forums module – Blogs content type is parent of Blog posts and Forums content type is parent of Threads. The content items of a module can be multilingual.

Create and display items with a dynamic module

After you have defined and activated your dynamic module, you can use it to create content in the backend and display the created content on your website. The dynamic content types belonging to your module appear under the Content tab and the widgets appear in page editing mode under a separate widgets group. You can create various structures of content types - you can have hierarchical content types with multiple child content types. You use your module to create dynamic content items. The fields you have defined for the content types appear when you create a dynamic content item.

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