Manage responses to forms

When you create and publish a form on the website, the users can fill it out and submit their answers. The responses you get to a form are visible in the backend and you can see them via the Forms page.

Protect form responses

To protect sensitive information, you can set view permissions for form responses. You can deny certain users or roles to view all form responses or you can set permissions only for one particular form.
For more information about managing permissions, see Administration: Permissions by section and Administration: Permissions of individual items.

Manage form responses

To manage the responses to a form, on Forms page, click <number> responses link of the respective form. If you do not have permissions to view form responses, you will not see this link.

The Responses page is displayed. The page displays all submitted responses in a grid. The columns of the grid are the labels of the parts of your form, such as labels of textboxes, questions with multiple choice answers, etc. Each response is a line in the grid, containing the number of the response, the date when it was submitted, and the answers to all parts of the form.

  • You can export a selection of form responses by selecting the checkbox next to the form responses you want to export and then clicking the Export to Excel button.
  • You can create responses to the form using the Create a Response button.
    In this case the artificially created response is numbered null in the list of all responses.
  • You can see a preview of the form with the responses to each question, if you select the line in the grid.
    The filled out form together with the exact time and date and the IP address appears on the right side of the page.
  • You can edit a response or its attachments, by clicking the Edit button in the response preview.
  • You can delete one or more submitted responses by selecting the responses in the grid and clicking Delete button in the toolbar of the page.
  • You can search for responses using the Search button in the toolbar of the page.

To go back to Forms page, click Back to forms link above the toolbar of the page.


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