The taxes allow you to define rates for the available tax classes for a specific country.

The taxes classes are represented by the Telerik.Sitefinity.Ecommerce.Orders.Model.Tax class. The class exposes the following specific properties:

  • Id
    Gets or sets the unique ID of the tax.
  • Title
    Gets or sets the display name of the tax.
  • Country
    Gets or sets the country that the tax is related to. For more information about the countries, see the Available countries section in this article.
  • AddressType
    Gets or sets the type of the address the tax can be applied to.Its value can be either AddressType.Shipping or AddresType.Billing.
  • TaxRate
    Gets or sets the tax rate for the tax.
  • TaxRates
    Represents a JSON string of a list containing the available tax classes and their rates.
  • TaxRateCollection
    Returns the list of tax classes and their rates for the current tax. The value is deserialized from the TaxRates property.
  • StandartTaxRate
    Gets the rate for the standard rate in the TaxRateCollection.
  • IncludeTaxInPrice
    Specifies whether to display the tax in prices.
  • ApplytTaxToShipping
    Specifies whether to apply the tax to shipping.

Available countries

The countries that you can use in your Ecommerce are defined through the Ecommerce settings. In the backend, go to the Ecommerce/Configuration. Click Currency and location and then click on Countries. Here you can see the list of defined countries. The countiry of a tax is set through its Country property. For a value use the IsoCode of the country.

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