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Taxonomies support multiple sites, and can be defined per site. This is useful for situations where you require different classifications for different sites. For example, if you have 2 ecommerce sites, where each site is set to ship orders to a different set of cities. You can create 2 separate "Ship to cities" classifications, each for its respective site.

For more information about multiple site management in Sitefinity CMS, see Multisite: Manage multiple sites.

Set a classification for specific sites

To set a taxonomy for a specific site or sites:

  1. In the main menu, click Content » All classifications.
  2. On the classification you wish to use on specific sites, expand the Actions menu and select Change classification for this site....
  3. In the dialog to use the selected classification on the current site, select This site only. To create duplicates of the existing taxons to the current site, check the Duplicate current departments for this site checkbox.
    To share the classification across sites, select Other sites...

When a classification is set to be used on a specific site, its taxons are removed from their classified items, then the taxons are automatically recreated, relelvant for the specific site only. The original taxons which were duplicated are still available across all the sites.

Taxonomies that are not used in any site

Site-specific classifications that are not used on any site, can be found by clicking the Not used in any site link on under the Filter classifications section of the right sidebar.

For example, if you have 2, each uses its own copy of the same classification. If you now want to use the classification from site #1 in site #2, you can do that by sharing the classification from site #1 on both sites, in which case, the originally used classification from site #2 is no longer used, and will appear in the Not used in any site filter.

EXAMPLEThe following video demonstrates the usage of site-specific taxonomies:

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