Create custom classifications

In addition to Tags and Categories, you can create custom classifications. You can create either simple or hierarchical lists. For example, you can create a custom classification Price range that is simple list and Location classification, which is a hierarchical list of regions, where each region contains a list of countries.

Using a custom classification with content items and products

To classify a content item or product with a custom classification, you must add the classification as a custom field of a content item or as a custom filed of the product type. Make sure to enter the same name in the custom field as the name of the classification. For more information, see Custom fields. Finally, when you create or edit a content item or product, you must select the custom classification.

To use custom classification to filter content items or products on the website, you must use the Categories widget or the Tags widget widget.

You manage custom classifications on the Classifications page.
To open the Classifications page, in the main menu in the upper part of the screen, click Content » All classifications.
The Classifications page appears, displaying a list of all created build-in and custom classifications together with actions you can perform on them.

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