Optional configurations

Configure Amazon S3 storage provider

You can use Amazon S3 Storage provider to persist blob data in more cost-efficient compared to the default database storage. You can also configure this provider in Sitefinity.

To configure the Amazon S3 blob storage provider, follow the procedure described in Sitefinity GitHub » Amazon S3 provider.

NOTE: The storage provider is decoupled from the instance where Sitefinity is running. This way, you can use it even if you have not installed Sitefinity on Amazon.

Configure CloudSearch

In Amazon you can configure and use CloudSearch, which is a cloud service for indexing and searching content. To do this, you must configure Amazon search service in Sitefinity.

Perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced » Search » SearchServices » AmazonSearchService
  2. Set the following parameters:
    • AccessKey
      The Amazon access key for your account.
      For more information, see Getting Your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
    • SecretAccessKey
      The Amazon secret access key for your account.
    • DocumentEndPoint
      The document endpoint that is in the format domainname-domainid.us-east-1.cloudsearch.amazonaws.com

      NOTE:Make sure you remove the doc- prefix from the beginning of the document endpoint.

    • SearchEndPoint
      The search endpoint that is in the format http://search-domainname-domainid.us-east-1.cloudsearch.amazonaws.com

      NOTE:Make sure you include http:// in the beginning of the search endpoint.

    • Region
      The region that is in the format us-west-2
      For more information, see Regions and Endpoints.
    • ApiVersion
      The API version to use. The default value is 2013-01-01
  3. Save your changes.

NOTE: Make sure that your index is visible to Sitefinity. To do this, go to your search domain, select Access Policies, and configure the domain visibility.

IMPORTANT: Once you create an index, to use it, you need to wait until the index is initialized in Amazon.
If you want to reindex an Amazon search index in Sitefinity, first you need to delete the index from Amazon before reindex. The reason for this is that Amazon's delete index operation may take several minutes.

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