Cloud deployment

Azure Web Apps and Azure Cloud Services 

You can deploy your Sitefinity CMS projects to Azure Web Apps and Azure Cloud Services.
Azure Web Apps has faster deployment and is easier to use. It is more suitable for less complex projects that need to be delivered fast. If your project is more complex, for example, it requires background processing or internal communication, it is more suitable to use Azure Web Services that requires more time to setup and deploy, but provides a better infrastructure.
For a comprehensive comparison between the two services, see Azure Websites vs Cloud Services.

Amazon Web Services

You can also deploy your project to Amazon Web Services that has a rich set of services, which you can use to run Sitefinity CMS without the need to manage your infrastructure.

NOTE: Because the configuration files, generated by the Analytics module, are from a different provider, they cannot be stored in the database. Therefore, you cannot configure the module after you deploy the site in the cloud. You must do it before the deployment and the files need to be included in the deployment package.

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