Edit and delete a page

You can edit the content of a page, such as layout elements and widgets.

  1. To do this, on the Pages screen, perform one of the following:
    • Click the name of the page.

      NOTE: If the page you have clicked is a group page, the system opens the Page title and properties dialog, where you can edit the properties of the page.

    • Click the Actions context menu of the respective page and click Content.

      NOTE: A group page has no content and under Actions there is no Content link.

    • The page opens in content editing mode.

      In content editing mode you can Design a layout template and Apply a template to a page.

  2. When you are finished editing the page, perform one of the following:

NOTE: In page content editing mode, you can see a preview of the page by clicking Preview button in the toolbar. The preview of the page is not a fully functioning page as it will appear on the live site. Use it to get an overall idea of how the page will look like. If you want to test how the page will look like and work of the live site, publish the page and click Live site in the upper-right corner of the screen. For example, if you use the preview mode, links to content items do not work.

Delete pages

To delete a page perform one of the following:
  • On Pages screen, select one or more pages to delete and from the Bulk Actions dropdown, available in the upper left-hand side of the screen select Delete.
  • On Pages page, click the Actions link of the page you want to delete and click Delete.

A dialog box appears where you must confirm the deletion.

If you activated the Recycle bin module, the page is not permanently deleted, but moved to the Recycle bin. You can later restore or permanently delete the page from the recycle bin. For more information, see Recycle bin.

IMPORTANT: You cannot delete a parent page. If you want to do this, you must first move or delete all of its children.

IMPORTANT: If the page has translations, the system asks you, if you want to delete only the current translation of the page or all translations of this page. 

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