Create and edit custom classifications

Creating a custom classification

To create a custom classification, perform the following:
  1. Open the Classifications page, by clicking Content » All classifications.
  2. Click Create a classification.
    The Create a classification page appears.
  3. In Classification input field, enter the name of the classification, for example, Dress code.
  4. In Single item name, enter the name of a single item in this classification, for example, Dress code type.
  5. Choose the Type of the classification, by selecting Simple list or Hierarchical list. For more information about types of classification, see Overview: Classify your content using taxonomies.
  6. To add a description of the classification, click Click to add a description.
  7. To change the name that is used in code to refer to that classification, click Change button and add a new name.
  8. When finished, click Create this classification.

The classification appears on Classification page and the system takes you to create your first item from this classification. For more information, see procedure Creating single classification items below.

Editing custom classifications

  1. To edit the properties of a classification, go to Classifications page.

    NOTE: You cannot edit or delete the predefined classifications Tags and Categories.

  2. Click the Actions link of the respective classification and from the dropdown box, click Properties.
    The Edit a Classification page appears.
  3. Perform procedure Creating a custom classification above » Step 3 to Step 7.

    NOTE: You cannot change the type of the classification.

  4. When finished editing, click Save changes.

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