You can use Sitefinity CMS to manage multiple sites, using one Sitefinity CMS instance.

PREREQUISITES: To use the multisite scenarios described in this section, you must have a Multisite license. For more information, contact Sitefinity sales.

With multisite management, you can configure different languages for different sites, you can assign permissions per site and per content source. The content of one site can be shared among the other sites. You have the ability to enable or disable, certain modules per site, thus every site can have its own configuration.

You can have different domains for different sites, such as www.mysite.de and www.mysite.pl or you can have sites as subfolders of another site, such as www.mysite.com/de and www.misite.com/pl. You can also have nested folders such as www.mysite.com/support/de.

IMPORTANT: Since the multiple sites of your Sitefinity CMS share the same database and configurations, we highly recommend synchronizing the release cycles of all of your Sitefinity CMS sites.

If you have multisite option in your license, you can manage all of your sites using the site selector in the upper-left corner of each page and the Sites page, which you open by expanding the selector and clicking Manage sites.

If you have a single Sitefinity CMS site and you want to move it to a multisite Sitefinity CMS instance, see Migrate a single site to a multisite instance.

NOTE: Once you have created and configured your multisite project, you can run it on IIS by performing procedure Run multisite projects on IIS.

Modules common for all sites

Some modules have the same content for all sites that are part of your multisite Sitefinity CMS instance. You cannot have different content and settings for each site. If you modify a module in one of the site, the changes affect all other sites.

The following modules have the same content for all sites:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Responsive & Mobile design
  • Users, Roles, and Permissions
  • User files
  • Classifications

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