Run multisite projects on IIS

If you have a multisite license, on IIS, you must not setup your sites as different websites. You must setup your sites as one website, although the different sites have different hosts. 

To setup multiple sites, perform the following:

  1. Setup your first site by performing the relevant the procedures for running your site on IIS.
  2. To setup the second site, in the IIS Manager, open the context menu of the first site and click Edit Bindings… » Add…
  3. Add the second site as an additional binding.
    If you have more than two sites, add each one as an additional binding.

NOTE: All of your sites are setup as one site with different bindings and use the same application pool.

EXAMPLE: Your sites are under development and you are still using localhost. Then perform the following:
  1. Setup the first site with the following binding: Type - http, IP address - All Unassigned, Port - 8082.
  2. Add additional binding for the second site: Type - http, IP address - All Unassigned, Port - 8083.
  3. In Sitefinity CMS backend, expand the site selector in the upper-left corner and click Manage sites.
  4. Click the first site and configure the following: Protocol - http://, Domain - localhost:8082.
  5. Click the second site and configure the following: Protocol - http://, Domain - localhost:8083.

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