Customize Analytics

Change the settings

Use the settings to change the website for which the Analytics module displays data and to view the Goggle Analytics tracking code.

  1. To open settings, click Settings under Customizations in the bottom-left corner of the page.
    The Google Analytics settings page appears.
  2. You can choose another account associated with the same username, or you can enter another Google Analytics username and password and choose the desired account.
  3. Click Save Configuration Information.
    The data for the new account is displayed in the Analytics module.

NOTE: In Settings section, you can view and copy the Google Analytics tracking code for the account you are displaying in the Analytics module.

Change permissions for reports

Use the permissions to select which reports each user is allowed to see.
  1. To open permissions, click Permissions under Customization in the bottom-left corner of the page.
    The Analytics dashboard permissions page appears.
    • On the left, the page displays all created Sitefinity CMS users, except the users that you chose to be administrators of the Analytics.
      For more information about creating users, see Overview: Users.
    • On the right, the page displays a list of all available report from the Analytics module. The reports, which the selected user has view permissions for, appears selected.
  2. To grant or deny permissions to the user, select and deselect the checkbox of the respective report.
  3. When you are finished, click Update Permissions.

Assign permissions for the Analytics module

You can grant and deny users permissions to access the Analytics module.
  1. To change Analytics users, click Administration » Backend Pages » OK, Continue.
    The tree with all Sitefinity CMS backend pages appears.
  2. Expand Sitefinity » Marketing » Tools.
  3. Expand the Actions link of the Analytics page and click Permissions.
  4. Under View this page and its child pages section, click Change.
  5. To grant permissions to roles and users, select Selected roles or users radio button.
  6. Click Add roles or users, select the roles or users that you want to access the Analytics module, and click Done selecting » Done.
  7. Go back to the Dashboard.

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